RackSpace Cloud Hosting Review


A San Antonio, Texas based hosting service provider, RackSpace, established in 1996, is one of the longest serving web hosting companies. With overseas data centers in London and Hong Kong on top of the US infrastructure, this publicly traded New York Stock Exchange company has made its present felt beyond the national boundaries. So if you are in search for a global hosting provider with business spread across multiple continents, RackSpace can be the answer to your web hosting needs. They offer complete web hosting solution including, but not limited to Cloud Server hosting, Dedicated Server hosting, Business/Custom Application hosting, Database hosting and Email hosting.

Rackspace has grown by leaps and bounds over the course of last decade and they are now a multi-million dollar international company that has won many accolades along the way, including being selected for ‘Best Place to Work’ awards in both the US and the UK.

RackSpace Cloud Hosting:

Great reliability, excellent performance, wide choice of hosting packages and responsive customer support team are a few of the highlights that can be associated with the cloud hosting solution provided by RackSpace. Their cloud servers are basically classified in to two classes (Performance Flavors – as they call it) – Performance 1 Flavor and Performance 2 Flavor. Performance 1 Flavor class is best suited for web servers, batch processing, network appliances, small databases, and most general-purpose computing workloads. While the other one is  for web applications demanding higher RAM, more disk I/O, and more consistent performance, including medium to large relational databases, NoSQL data stores, and distributed caches.

Performance 1 Flavor Class Features
  • Low to medium RAM.
  • High-performance, RAID 10-protected SSD storage.
  • Redundant 10-Gigabit networking.
  • From 1–8 vCPUs.
  • Disk I/O up to ~35,000 4K random read IOPS and ~35,000 4K random write IOPS.
Performance 2 Flavor Class Features
  • Medium to high RAM.
  • High-performance, RAID 10-protected SSD storage.
  • Redundant 10-Gigabit networking.
  • From 4–32 vCPUs.
  • Disk I/O scales with the number of data disks up to ~80,000 4K random read IOPS and ~70,000 4K random write IOPS.
  • Single-tenant, 120GB flavor with no host contention provides the most predictable and consistent performance for your application.

Further to the above categorization, both these classes have been sub-categorized in to two service levels – 1. Infrastructure Service Level and 2. Managed Service Level. The former subcategory is semi managed, where only the basic infrastructure support is provided by RackSpace; while the second one, as the name indicates, is a fully managed solution where every aspect of web hosting is managed by your service provider.

Pricing Srtucture:

As far as the pricing structures are in concern, you have as many as 16 options (8 in Flavor 1 and the remaining 8 in Flavor 2) to choose from. The entry level package, which is Flavor 1 Infrastructure Level Service package, is priced at 29.20 per month. It includes a server configuration consisting of Linux Operating System, 1 vCPU core, 1 GB RAM and 20 GB redundant SSD disk space. Windows Servers are costlier at $73 per month for the very basic package.

RackSpace Performance 1 Flavor Packages

RackSpace Performance 1 Flavor Packages

The highest level of efficiency is provided by Flavor 2 Managed Cloud Service which is essentially for very large, highly sophisticated complex web applications belonging to the highest resource consumption level. For $4964 a month, you would get 32 vCPU Cores, 120 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD System disk and 1200 GB SSD data disk – which would be enough to host any web application/site of any magnitude you can possibly think of.

If not, there is possibilities to scale up further – using Private Cloud plans, the financial details of which have not been made public by the company. Besides, RackSpace also offers a Hybrid plan that combines the best features from public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated hardware to provide you with a customized high performance hosting solution which is ideal for Ideal for ecommerce sites, high-traffic blogs, content management systems, and database-driven web applications.

RackSpace Cloud Hosting Advantages:

100% Network Uptime:

Rackspace guarantees 100% network uptime. Their commitment to ‘zero-downtime’ is backed up by redundant network equippment, RAID-10 SSD storage, advanced backup technology and unique routing protocol, whereby if one network or server node fails, your cloud will immediately assign a suitable back-up resource to continue the operation. The end result brings a continual service to its customers who virtually see no downtime at all.

24×7 Expert Support:

Customer Support team at RackSpace is second to none when it comes to technical knowledge, availability of support staffs and most importantly, their intent. They take pride in being ‘different’ to their rivals and execute it to perfection in delivering top notch customer support.

RAID-10 SSD System Disk:

RackSpace offers blazing fast redundant Solid State Drive storage to all cloud customers right from the entry level package. The SSD storage is RAID-10 enabled to ensure a faultless performance.

Pay Only For What You Use Plans:

With RackSpace Cloud Servers, you only pay for what you use. Billing is on a per-minute basis, rounding up to the next minute to give you an exact figure based on your usage. When you sign up for a cloud account at RackSpace, you automatically get 24x7x365 access to Cloud Engineers, architecture assistance, launch management, security and scaling support, and many more advanced features.

Flexible Pricing Plans:

They have a wide variety of cloud plans to choose from. Also, the plans are very flexible and scalable as you are billed on per minute basis. As soon as you scale up or down, your billing figures change the very next minute. This eliminates the need for customers to raise service request and then follow it up with the support team multiple times. You can also get handsome discounts on Cloud Servers with high-volume usage, term commitments and prepayment to make it a truly flexible experience.

RackSpace Cloud Hosting Key Features:

Compiling the list of key features is a difficult task when you are discussing on RackSpace, as they offer a number of amazing features. Few of them are listed below:

  • High-performance, RAID 10-protected SSD storage.
  • Redundant 10-Gigabit networking with automatic failover.
  • 24x7x365 customer support.
  • Support from dedicated engineering team on technical troubleshooting.
  • Lots of cloud plans to choose from.
  • Option to go for managed or unmanaged (infrastructure service level) solution.
  • Cloud prices start as low as $29.20 per month.
  • Minute based billing to give you more flexibility/scalability.
  • A number of freebies like dedicated IP, SSL certificates etc. on offer.


When performance, reliability and professionalism are your primary objectives, RackSpace would fit your bill perfectly. Any business would like to have a hosting partner whom they can trust in; someone who wants to help your business grow. RackSpace strives hard to be that ‘Someone’ – who would not only provide you a stable hosting environment that suffices your current needs, but also help you to scale up/down the moment your resource requirements fluctuate.  They will listen to your queries with patience and extend a helping hand whenever you would need guidance. In a nutshell – head straight to RackSpace for your cloud needs, if you are looking for a professional hosting service with a personal support touch.

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