HostingSource Cloud Hosting Review

Summary: HostingSource is known to be one of the most reliable web hosts providing unmatched service quality, highest level of security and unshakable reliability. Having an industry experience of close to a decade, they have the right level of expertise to provide quality hosting service for any web based application – from small scale websites to enterprise level server solutions. With their wide variety of cloud hosting packages, ranging from $39 to $1849, you can be assured of an appropriate hosting solution on per with your budget.

HostingSource Cloud Hosting:

Alongside traditional hosting packages, such as VPS or dedicated server hosting, they also offer cloud hosting solution at very reasonable price. Their cloud hosting packages are broadly categorized in to two categories – Public Cloud and Private Cloud. Public Cloud resources are shared across a group of websites hosted on the same cloud environment, while Private Cloud is essentially for an enterprise level web solution where all the available resources are utilized by a single website. Quite naturally, private cloud comes with a premium price tag that can make your wallet lighter by at-least a few hundred dollars.

Public Cloud Plan:

HostingSource Public Cloud Packages

Public Cloud instances run in a virtualized cloud environment and support a group of websites. Such a set-up allows easy expansion and contraction of hardware capacity/resources as your demands change. The required resources are rendered as per need basis, depending on the demands of the websites at a certain point of time. All public cloud packages at HostingSource offer value added service like free website migration/setup and free top level domain name.

  • Entry Level Package:
    HostingSource’s entry level public cloud hosting package is priced at $39 a month, which includes 1 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB Storage and 3000 GB Monthly Bandwidth limit along with your choice of Operating System (Any version of Windows/Linux).
  • Top-End Package:
    Top-end public cloud configuration offered by HostingSource, featuring 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB Storage and 10000 GB Monthly Bandwidth, would cost you $69 on a monthly basis.
Private Cloud Plan:

HostingSource Private Cloud Packages

A Private Cloud works by virtualizing the resources within an isolated dedicated server or group of servers. This allows scaling within the allocated resources. To scale outside these resources, additional dedicated servers can be added to the Private Cloud. Since Private Cloud servers are isolated and dedicated, they provide best in class privacy and security. Private cloud hosting is recommended for large enterprise level web application which requires stringent security measures and high-resource scaling.

  • Entry Level Package:
    Private cloud packages at HostingSource begins at $349 a month. It features 1 Server Node, 6 CPU Cores, 16 GB Primary memory (RAM/Node), 2 TB Cloud Storage capacity and 4 TB Monthly Bandwidth limit along with your choice of Operating System (Any version of Windows/Linux).
  • Top-End Package:
    The top-end public cloud configuration offered by HostingSource, featuring 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB Storage and 10000 GB Monthly Bandwidth, would cost you $69 on a monthly basis.

HostingSource Advantages:

Opting in favor of HostingSource for your website’s cloud hosting requirements would earn you a number of value added advantages and benefits. Listed below are some of the major advantages that HostingSource offers to their cloud hosting clients –

  • Easy To Use Control PanelHostingSource offers a simplistic control panel that makes website management a breeze even for a technically less competent webmaster. Allowing you to view your cloud hosting account at client, admin and reseller levels, it gives you total control over cloud management including, but not limited to, resource utilization, installing applications, using file manager/FTP client application or branding the control panels for your clients.
  • Flexible, Scalable & Affordable Cloud Hosting PlansIf you compare HostingSource’s cloud packages with their competitors, you would readily identify the financial benefits. Each of their cloud hosting plan comes at a 10%-30% discounted rate. On top of the wide choice of cloud hosting plans ranging between $39 to $1849 per month, they offer flexible (optional) a-la-carte packs if you are in need of some specific features like SSL certificate, additional IPs or managed cloud hosting solution. You can easily scale up or scale down as and when your resource/performance requirement fluctuates.
  • Complete Failover With Data/Hardware/Network RedundancyHostingSource’s data centers are fully equipped with redundant storage/hardware and communication devices, giving you a guaranteed amount of uptime. Even if there is an outage on one specific cloud servers, service will not be interrupted as your resources would be taken care of by another server belonging to the same cloud environment.
  • Responsive Customer SupportHostingSource offers 24x7x365 premium support for all the cloud hosting clients. Alongside providing online knowledge-base, phone, email and support ticketing features, they also offer a convenient live chat support to answer your queries almost immediately. Last but not the least, another mode of communication with one HostingSource executives is through their online support ticketing system. The support tickets are usually responded within one hour with relevant information and to the point explanation. They take customer experience seriously and strive hard to maintain a satisfied client base.

HostingSource Cloud Hosting Key Features:

Cloud hosting clients receive a number of exclusive privileges at HostingSource, like free Firewall/VPN protection or allocation of dedicated IP addresses. Let us now get in to the details of key features offered by HostingSource to all cloud hosting packages –

  • Full root (Linux server) or remote desktop access (Windows server). Ability to customize the kernel.
  • Dedicated IP for all cloud hosting plans.
  • Data/hardware/network redundancy through RAID 10 architecture
  • High availability through multinode cluster to provide unmatched uptime guarantee.
  • Choice of operating system. All versions of Linux and Windows are available.
  • Ability to scale capacity dynamically as resource requirements fluctuate.
  • HostingSource’s Backup Snapshots allow for data protection and rollback.
  • Offers cloud monitoring services and auto hotfixes, patches, updates and upgrades.
  • 24/7 Phone and Email Support and online knowledge-base.


In the services industry, it is a common notion that reliability is inversely proportional to affordability. HostingSource proves this as a misconception as they offer excellent reliability at a ridiculously inexpensive price. It’s one aspect that sets them apart from rest of the cloud hosting service providers. With 100% uptime guarantee and industry leading SLA terms, you can expect them to deliver a top notch cloud hosting experience.

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