DediServe Cloud Hosting Review 2022

DediServe Summary:

Founded in the beginning of 2009 in Dublin, Ireland, DediServe is regarded as one of the most trusted web hosting service providers in the European countries. With keen focus on building an enterprise cloud platform that can provide incredible stability and extremely reliable service at an affordable cost, DediServe achieved rapid growth not only in Euro countries, but also in the North American market.  Today, DediServe is the most preferred cloud hosting partner for the clients looking for a reliable cloud environment with 100% guaranteed uptime, unmatched performance, flexible pricing model and round-the-clock support.

DediServe Cloud Hosting:

Since 2009, DediServe has led the way in cloud web hosting with its scalable, flexible, cost effective services having remarkable reliability. Dediserve focuses solely on cloud based Infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) model, so that the scope of operation remains confined to a particular limit and the entire team can concentrate on delivering an innovative cloud hosting solution without any other distractions.

Dediserve Features

DediServe’s hosting environment is designed on a fully redundant true cloud architecture with no single point of failure. On top of that, implementation of multiple clustered hardware, pure SSD storage and high end HP blade servers ensure the clients of a full-proof, high on performance and stable cloud-based hosting solution.

To cut the confusions over choice of different data-centers, packages and pricing, DediServe follows an affordable resource-wise uniform pricing model across all DC locations. With the base pricing plan, you can gain access to DediServe’s powerful, enterprise cloud platform in any of the existing global locations for a monthly price of $19.44. It includes 2 vCPU Cores, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD Disk Space and 1 IP address.

If you are in need of additional resources, DediServe’s flexible resource pricing structure allows you to scale any time on demand – by purchasing any quantity of desired resources. There is no limit to the maximum resource quantity that a customer is allowed to deploy. Given below is the per unit price of essential hardware/resources that a DediServe customer has at his disposal.

CPU Core (Intel Xeon E5-2660) 1 $6.50
RAM (GB) 1 $13.31
SSD Storage (GB) 10 $3.90
NSA Snapshot (GB) 10 $1.30
IPv4 Address 1 $2.28

When you provision a DediServe cloud server, you get access to redundant 1Gbps Private LAN, Snapshot Backup, Custom OS Template Engine and Firewall protection at no extra cost. Moreover, each DediServe cloud server comes with Global AnyCast DNS Platform, comprehensive API, iOS and Android Apps, industry leading SLA terms, 100% uptime guarantee, permanent KVM and recovery console.

On top of the resource/infrastructure mentioned above, there are a-la-carte extras which a customer can optionally purchase on a monthly basis. License for any Windows Server operating system can cost you an additional sum of $24.94. cPanel/WHM license is priced at $13, while you need to shell out $9.04 for acquiring Plesk Panel license.

DediServe Advantages:

Fully Redundant True Cloud Architecture:

DediServe’s hosting environment is designed on a fully redundant true cloud platform with no single point of failure and multiple clustered hardware architecture which guarantees auto-failover and 100% uptime.

HP Blade Servers & All SSD Storage:

DediServe platform is built on high end latest generation HP Blade Servers and uses all SSD storage to complement their resilient cloud deployments hosted in state of the art data-centers, which are equipped with 100% power and network backup.

Intel Xeon Processors:

You can be assured of experiencing unmatched processing speed with DediServe, as all the cloud servers are powered by the best in class latest generation Intel Xeon E5-2660 processors.

Dediserve Datacenter Locations – EU & US

Choice of Europe/North America/Asia Data-center Location:

Spread across 3 continents, viz., Europe, North America and Asia, DediServe offers you a wide choice of data center locations. You can pick any of the 11 data-centers, including but not limited to Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago or Singapore, to host your cloud server.

100% Uptime SLA On Network/Power:

DediServe ensures you a guaranteed 100% uptime on Network and Power. Its fully redundant Cisco and HP 10 gigabit network links all nodes providing blisteringly fast network throughput and on the cloud storage access.

24/7/365 Support:

DediServe understands the fact that Support is key to any well managed infrastructure service. That’s why they emphasize on providing quality customer support with 24×7 access to in-house support engineers throughout 365 days a year. The best part is, you need not have to spend even a penny for that.

DediServe Key Features:

  • Powered by the latest generation blades from the world leader in server technology (HP).
  • Deployed only on Intel Xeon processors.
  • All SSD storage for data redundancy.
  • 100% Uptime guarantee on network and power.
  • iOS Apps for iPhone & iPad.
  • Supports Android apps for basic VM management functions.
  • Comprehensive RESTful API.
  • No confusion over package/pricing. Uniform and flexible ‘Pay-as-you-go’ pricing model.
  • On demand scalability based on exact resource/component requirement.
  • Choice of Linux, freeBSD and Windows servers with customized templates.
  • 24/7/365 in-house support.


Fully redundant architecture, latest generation HP blade Servers, Intel-Xeon Processors, SSD-only Storage, 100% Uptime SLA and an extremely flexible cost-effective pricing model – it can’t get any better than this. With as many as 11 data-centers spread across three continents (Europe, North America & Asia), serving thousands of satisfied clients worldwide, you can be assured of a hassle-free, performance-oriented hosting experience if you decide to go for DediServe Cloud.

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