Chia Coin Claimed to Be Bitcoin Successor

The world of crypto investment is now starting to be known by the wider community because it is known to be able to provide benefits to investors. Because previously many people only knew Bitcoin, now they can know Chia coin. Because Crypto has several types of currency. Lately, this type of crypto chia has managed to attract the attention of many people.

What is Chia?

If you want to know more about it then you can reveal it by reading the following information. Chia itself is a type of cryptocurrency created by the Chia Network. This cryptocurrency was created in 2017. Bram Cohen as the inventor of the peer-to-peer system on BitTorrent is one of the founders of the Chia network.

The system used by Chia itself is also quite interesting because it is almost the same as Crypto in general. Where chia uses blockchain technology. But of course, there are differences regarding the system used with crypto in general. Because Chia Coin in verifying transactions turns out to use the “space and time” proof method.

Claimed to be Bitcoin’s Successor

This cryptocurrency is claimed to be one of the successors of points because it has several advantages. This is because Chia is said to be more energy efficient in electrical energy and storage. Because the storage used in this cryptocurrency is storage space that is not used on the hard disk in the computer so it can be more energy-efficient than Bitcoin.

In the coin mining process, it is very clear that Chia can be said to be more energy-efficient or save electricity because the power spent for mining is not as big as Ethereum. Moreover, the mining process can be carried out in an empty storage space with less electricity.

When compared to other types of crypto, it can be seen that the mining process must be carried out for 24 hours. To start mining Chia coins, it can be done using the Mainnet platform by getting them through the Chia network.

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