Cheap Unmanaged Cloud Hosting 2022

Are you wondering whether unmanaged cloud hosting will be the right choice for you? Unmanaged services have many advantages over managed hosting services. It brings you root level access by default, so you will be in complete control of your environment. Moreover, unmanaged hosting lets you install any software package of your liking without having to depend on your hosting partner. Nevertheless, the cost associated with unmanaged hosting is far lesser if compared to managed hosting packages.

Listed below are three affordable cloud service providers that offer unmanaged cloud hosting.

1. A2Hosting:

A2Hosting focuses on designing a highly scalable and user-friendly Cloud hosting platform. It promises a ‘Quick Start Cloud’ – which cuts out all the confusion about packages and pricing. A customer can register for the default cloud VPS package and instantly get access to a sophisticated cloud environment with all basic resources. If the need is for higher resource/technology, the customer is allowed to scale up instantly depending upon his/her individual requirement.

A2Hosting offers wide variety of unmanaged cloud packages that can fit pockets of all sizes. The entry level plan is priced at just $15 per month, which features 2 CPU cores with 600 MHz speed, 512 MB of primary memory (RAM), 10 GB RAID-10 HDD storage and monthly bandwidth of 2 TB. You also get a dedicated IP address, root access and A2QuickInstaller, an auto script installing application, with every cloud hosting package.

2. HostingSource

A Xen-based cloud server with 1 vCPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB RAID-10 Hard Disk Space, 3 TB monthly bandwidth and your choice of Windows/Linux server OS template will cost you $39 at HostingSource. It brings you 2 dedicated IP address, 24×7 server monitoring, automated backups, root level admin access and a new domain name among many other exclusive features. If you are looking for a healthy discount, then pre-pay for one year and get FLAT 15% off your final bill.

With 100% guaranteed availability and industry leading SLA terms, you can expect HostingSource to deliver a top notch experience with this unmanaged cloud hosting plan

3. DreamHost:

DreamHost offers low cost self managed cloud hosting plans that would suite even the lowest of budgets. Powered by OpenStack and Ceph, DreamCompute is a highly scalable and secure open source cloud computing service. DreamCompute is built to power everything from development environments to web and mobile apps, digital media and ecommerce websites, and big data analytics.

Starting at just $5 a month, you can’t get a more reliable cloud service for the price on offer. It brings you 2 vCPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 25 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth and 1 floating IP address. Like all other reputed cloud service, DreamHost too provides cent percent guaranteed availability. They are currently offering a free 1 month trial of this unmanaged cloud hosting plan. So enroll for DreamCompute and find out what it has to offer.

Usually developers and small-scale enterprises more often than not prefer to opt for unmanaged hosting as it is more budget friendly than the other option. However, unless you have sound knowledge of managing servers, opting for unmanaged services can even back-fire. So do your planning right and opt for unmanaged hosting only if you can ensure time and resource for server management activities.

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