3 Best Unmanaged VPS You Need to Know

To make a website have a good page loading speed, then you can use VPS hosting. If you have a blog or e-commerce that already has a lot of traffic, then the best solution is to use VPS hosting.

Using a VPS is the key to the success of a website that has a good loading speed. If you want to increase page loading speed, then you can use VPS hosting.

3 Best Unmanaged VPS

Here we provide some recommendations for the best unmanaged VPS that you can choose:

  1. Vultr VPS

Vultr VPS is a cloud service provider and offers bloggers very affordable rates. They are one of the pioneers of VPS hosting.

They already have 3 million servers spread all over the world. You can also get some of these Vultr VPS plans. Here’s the list:

  • 512 MB RAM $2.5 per month
  • 1GB RAM costs $5 per month
  1. UpCloud VPS

This VPS is one of the best and already has 7 data centers located around the world. VPS cloud is one of the fastest hosting service providers that you can try.

They also have several plan options starting at $5 for a month with 1GB RAM and they offer 25GB of storage space for plans for $5. Fast servers make cloud VPS one of the best.

  1. Digital Ocean VPS

One of the best unmanaged VPS that you can use is digital ocean VPS. They provide the most advanced servers that can make your website speed super-fast.

Even they provide easy features for beginners. You can get this cloud service for $5 per month with 1GB RAM. In addition to choosing a monthly package, you can also choose an hourly package. So you can adjust according to your needs.

They manage a lot of space especially the database which can make your website have very good speed.

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